Why Podcast?

Podcasts are simple voice recording, with no visuScreen Shot 2015-01-10 at 7.54.20 AMals or extra effects. They can be used at all levels for a multitude of purposes! I use Podcasts to have students practice and self assess their reading fluency. Through podcasting, I am amazed at how my students take ownership for improving upon their reading skills.  Now, more than ever before, my students are reading with strong voice, expression and fluency.

Voice recording also has helped to improve my students’ writing.   To see my students sitting down with their writing, totally engaged in their work, recording and re-recording themselves reading and then editing and re-editing their writing was a defining moment in my career! Not only are my students editing and improving upon their writing with more vigor than ever before, but because they are reading their own writing and recording themselves they are self assessing their own reading.

Samples of students’ podcasts can be heard at this link. A screen recording explaining how to create a podcast in GarageBand 10.3 can be viewed at this link. Success Criteria for Podcasting can be downloaded through this link.


1 Response to Why Podcast?

  1. Joe O'Neill says:

    I like the idea – and will use Google “Read and Write” to try its efficacy with Grade 10 students preparing for poetry recitals… wish me luck!


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