Using Video in the Classroom

Video is a valuable and integral resource in my classroom.  Students are viewing video on Screen Shot 2015-01-12 at 9.37.31 AMan increasingly frequent basis during their daily lives.  It is important that we teach students how to read, question,understand and interpret video just as we do text.  Students love when I bring my own personal photos and video to the classroom.  It allows me another opportunity to bring the world to my classroom. Below outlines how I use a once in a lifetime video (that I captured) with my students. Use it with yours!

Using Video to teach Questioning and Inferencing

I use this resource (Using Video in the Classroom), also found on Smart Teacher Exchange, to guide my students to ask questions before, during and after watching a video.  Also included are activities on using information from the video and their own ideas to make inferences.

Student Exemplars: Questioning, Inferencing.

Please try this activity with your class, adapt as you wish and feel free to share their questions and inferences in the ‘Reply’ section below or by tweeting #SharesEase.

** Remember to SharesEase!

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