Twitter Tips

TwitterI use Twitter only for professional development and as a means to keep in touch, share with and learn from 21 century educators throughout the world. I have established  and maintained a worldwide PLN through Twitter. A great video explaining the same reasons why and how I use Twitter. Twitter can be a means to find and/or share ideas and resources, ask questions, participate in chats or simply just follow along on the sidelines and learn from some of the most innovative and progressive educators in the world!

These two videos Twitter for Teachers and Twitter for Educators will get you started!

** It is important to be  cognizant of the frequency of which you use Twitter, as with any form of social media, it can be time consuming and addictive!

Here are my favourite Twitter Chats/Hashtags

#sunchat  Sunday Education Chat- Sundays 9-10am EST

#cdnedchat Canada’s Educator Chat- Mondays 8-9pm EST

#edtechchat Educator’s Tech Chat- Mondays 8-9pm EST

#tlap Teach Like a Pirate- Mondays 9pm-10pm EST

#edchat Education Chat- Tuesdays 7-8pm EST

#ossemooc Ontario School & System Leaders EdTech Community Tuesdays 8-9pm EST

#adechat Apple Distinguished Educators Chat- Tuesdays 9-10pm EST

#NWOTchat Northwestern Ontario Teacher Chat- Wednesdays 9-10 pm EST

#satchat Saturday Chat for Leaders- Saturdays 7:30-8:30am EST

#catholicedchat Catholic Educators Chat- Saturdays 9-10am  EST

Follow me on Twitter: @cherandpete

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1 Response to Twitter Tips

  1. fryed says:

    Here are some further “get connected” resources – Couch to Connected in 10 minutes a day!


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