Tower Building Challenge!

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Last year as a cumulating activity on Structures, my grade 5 students participated in a Tower Building Challenge that I developed.  They researched, planned and constructed with the goal of building tall and sturdy towers.  They also measured their structures’ heights, base areas and perimeters and worked on metric conversions. They also figured out the mean and median heights and graphed and  analyzed the results. All of their learning was recorded in Explain Everything ( (This is only a short sample from the large clip.)

                                          Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 9.23.32 AM

This year, Sharon Moskovitz and Aviva Dunsiger are joining me in challenging other teachers to make this challenge go GLOBAL! Resources are provided in the links below.  However you wish modify the activity is up to you, see Aviva’s ideas in her Blog and Sharon’s ideas in her Blog, but the constants for the challenge are the materials, time line for construction (3 hours), and due date (June 19, 2015). The goal is to construct the tallest tower.

Tower Building Competition 1  PDF 2015    Towers Competition 2 PDF 2015

If you wish to participant, leave your name, grade, city and country in the Reply box below.  Once you complete the Challenge, submit the measurement of your students’ highest tower. Certificates will be provided for each class “winner” and an overall award will be presented.

Finally, since I teach grade 6 this year and half of my students have already done the challenge, they will happily answer questions from your students on the “Ask an Expert” page.

**Remember to SharesEase!


1. Mrs. Vondruska’s Class- 4th Grade, Carthage, North Carolina, USA– 94cm


2. Mrs. Jones’ Class- 4th Grade, Carthage, North Carolina, USA

3. Mr. Cockman’ Class- 6th & 7th Grades, Robbins, North Carolina, USA

4. Ms. Neilson’s Class – Grade 5, Mary Johnston P.S., Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

5. Mrs. Earhart’s Class – 2nd Grade, Southern Pines, North Carolina, USA– Chyna and Corey with 61 cm


6. Mrs. Patton’s Class – 5th Grade, Vass, North Carolina, USA– Jacob, Jada- 70cm

7. Gina Frey, Koontz Elementary, Salisbury, NC, USA  My students are thrilled about the Global Tower Building Challenge. They have conducted their research, sketched out their design, and began building their towers (hopefully applying knowledge learned from their research).

8. Mrs. Bremmer’s Class – 5th Grade, Vass, North Carolina, USA– Aubrey, Journie, Sabrina, Abigail- 79cm


9. Mrs. Lynn’s Class – 5th Grade, Vass, North Carolina, USA

10. Mrs. Deaton’s Class – 5th Grade, Vass, North Carolina, USA– Amaari, Alex, Latrell-      84cm

11. Mrs. Kaemba’s Class-4th Grade, Carthage, North Carolina, USA

12. Gowan Science Academy, 5th Grade Team, Yuma, AZ, USA

13. Mrs. Early’s Class- 5th Grade, Seagrove, North Carolina, USA

14. 6th Grade, Jenison, Mi, USA

15. Mrs. Barr’s Awesome Math Cats! 6th grade Jenison, Michigan, USA

16. Mr. Forrest and Mrs. Shynkaruk Grade 8 and Grade 2/3 (buddies) Regina, Sask. Canada

17. Mr. Lape Grade 6th, 7th and 8th Harrisburg South Dakota

18. Ms. McDonald 6th grade Somis, California USA

19. Mr. Jackson’s Grade 5 class @ St. Theresa, Regina SK, Canada

20. Ms. Siciliano’s Class – Grade 5- Thunder Bay, Ontario, Canada

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  1. travislape says:

    Mr. Lape Grade 6th, 7th and 8th Harrisburg South Dakota


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