One Word Project

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After hearing about #oneword on Twitter and visiting this One Word website, I had an idea to do something different for the new year in my classroom! In short,  instead of thinking of a “resolution” I challenged my students to choose a word as a focus and a motivator for the year. The kids loved the  activity! They brainstormed, selected and then turned their word into an art piece. They blogged what their word meant to them and also create a computer generated logo.   Download the Smart Notebook file and PDF lesson.


While working on their “One Word” we were listening  to one of our favourite artists, Matthew West and ironically, “Do Something” started to play. The song could not have been more fitting! My students know that their actions can change the world… perhaps starting with one word!

Our class video ‘One Word‘ captures the essence and meaning behind our project. We know we can all can do something to change the world… and sometimes that something starts with ONE WORD!

Please visit our GLOBAL Feedback page to leave my students descriptive feedback on their video!



14 Responses to One Word Project

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  3. Sue Dunlop says:

    Peter, thank you for sharing. It’s great to see students thinking about themselves and their goals while using #oneword. I wonder what would happen if they could produce anything related to their #oneword. What would they choose to do or explore?


  4. JP says:

    Thanks Mr. C. Very creative and insightful. Your students chose some very thoughtful words. We may take your idea a step further and make a class mural with all our words to represent the “power” our classroom team can have if we work together.


  5. Peter, Do you have a location where you store your lessons that you used to complete this One Word project? I’d love to see the steps you took to get students to selecting the specific words they chose.


  6. Amy Sheppard-Boal says:

    Today my 4/5s worked on brainstorming and selecting their words. They started their art pieces too. Tomorrow, we blog!
    I didn’t show them the video – I hadn’t clicked on it to preview it yet. It’s fantastic! I’ll share it with them tomorrow 🙂

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    • Yolande says:

      This is such a great idea! Thank you for sharing! What guidelines did you give/training did you do for creating the video?


  7. Rene says:

    This is truly beautiful work! My hope for you is that you will never ever forget the lesson of how powerful your voice and ideas are. When people ask you what you want to be or do when you “grow up” tell them, I’m not waiting until I grow up, I’m doing something now! It all starts with changing your mindset. Your individual “one” collectively amplifies!


  8. Julie Godwin says:

    My 5th grade classes watched this video today. Their thoughts: AWESOME!, Inspirational, creative, EPIC!


  9. Breanne says:

    I just came across the #oneword project and within minutes found myself on your page, once again looking through your great ideas!
    Quick Question: what blogging program do you use with your students?
    B. Gallinger @missgallinger


    • mrcameron14 says:

      It’s through D2L, which is a closed blogging site within our Board’s domain. I’ve since moved away from D2L and have kids share their writing using Google Docs and Google Classroom. I’d also recommend Kid Blog.

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