Mystery Skype/Google Hangout

HangoutMy students and I had the great privilege of doing a Mystery Google Hangout with another class in Monterrey, Mexico in. It was an absolutely fantastic learning experience and I can honestly say that in preparation for the “Hangout” my students learned more about world geography in two weeks than I could have ever dreamed. The “Hangout” was facilitated in Mexico by a fellow Apple Distinguished Educator @Kairosedtech His Blog and my comments outlining the experience can be read here:

I look forward to more Hangouts in the future. Please leave a reply if you have done a Mystery Skype/Hangout with your class or are interested in trying one!

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4 Responses to Mystery Skype/Google Hangout

  1. I am a middle school instructional coach and our school district has just begun to explore the possibilities that Skype & Google Hangouts offer for global learning. Thank-you for sharing the above list! If anyone would like to collaborate with 7th or 8th grade classes please e-mail me at!


  2. I would love to do a mystery hangout with your class. I have a grade 5 class in Edmonton, Alberta. My students love doing all kinds of hangouts.


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