Must Have Apps

There are literally millions of apps for teachers to choose from and the task of selecting theScreen Shot 2015-03-02 at 12.34.52 PM “best” ones can be daunting! The intent of this page is to have educators share their ONE MUST HAVE App that helps to transform learning.  It is hoped this will page will give teachers a “go to list” of apps when selecting apps for their students. (This idea evolved from the very popular Twitter MUST Follows for Teachers.) Please identify your “MUST HAVE App” following the format below in the “Reply” section at the bottom of this page.

MUST HAVE Apps For Teachers!

Explain Everything– Easy to use screencasting, and interactive whiteboard tool that lets you annotate, animate, narrate, import, and export almost anything to and from almost anywhere. (Recommended by @cherandpete)

Stage-An interactive whiteboard tool that lets you edit live images, record video, capture images and images are automatically exported to your camera role. (Recommended by @techholly)

Remind– fantastic app for communicating with parents.

PicCollage– Fantastic, FREE, app. Allows you to quickly arrange pictures, text, and stickers for documenting learning. Easily saves to Camera Roll or exports to Google Drive, Dropbox and more (Recommended by @smalchow)

Shadow Puppet– Super user friendly for making custom videos. Create videos to tell a story, explain an idea, or send a personalized message. Can use for ALL students. (Recommended by @JudySackville)

Google Classroom is being used by most if not all of our teachers since the beginning of the year. Our students are also quite positive about the application and find it helps them not to “forget” things they have to do. (Recommended by Andre Loubser)

Can’t give just one go to app: Nearpod, ThingLink, Green Screen by Do Ink, & ScreenChomp (Recommended by @Gallagher_Tech)

Love using Telegami with my students!

I love having my students use Popplet for organizing ideas. Great webbing tool!

BookCreator App – love using this app with my prep (1st year at school) students. It’s easy to use, lots of great functions – draw pictures, write/type text, insert photos, sound. Ability to save your file as PDF, video, iBook, etc. Am always amazed with the final product my students create!! (Recommended by @kaz_phi)

Adobe Voice- students can talk pictures or use images they have found and record their voice to tell a story, explain what they have learned, or share information. The app is extremely user-friendly and has a multitude of uses. FREE!

Haiku Deck- a great presentation app that is easy to use and makes beautiful presentations. Presentations are kept simple yet allow for customization. Great for all ages.

Kahoot – Create interactive quizzes accessible on any device, embed images and videos easily. really engaging and motivating. You can also download the data as excel file for assessment purposes. @getkahoot

Padlet – great for storing and sharing websites, videos, documents, etc. The FREE service provides multiple ways of sharing (QR, embed, direct link). It is a browser add on, so you just click on the origami bird image at the top of your web browser to add content to a padlet page. I use it for gathering info when doing research and for sharing out content with other educators following presentations and meetings.

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