#MADPD 2019

#MADPD is a virtual “unconference” with one goal: to make a difference for the greater education community. 

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On Sunday May 5, 2019 educators from around the globe will come together, virtually, to share ideas that make a difference in their classrooms! There is no cost and anyone can attend from anywhere in the world!

The sessions are short and sweet. 15 minute presentations and 15 minute Q and As! Sessions run from  8am to 8pm with our kickoff scheduled for 7:30 am and a final meet up a 9pm!

So, pour yourself a coffee, put on your slippers and start learning!


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Click on the MADPD Master Schedule below. There are three ways you can “attend” a session. 1) If you’d like to interact and engage with the presenter live, reach out to him/her on Twitter to obtain a join link. 2) To watch a session live, simply click on the link in the Master Schedule below. 3) Watch the recored session anytime after the live event.