I love Halloween! Here are some of my favourite Halloween activities to do with kids.

The Legend of the Sleepy Hallow  Read your students the book as a read aloud and work on characteristics of a narrative story. The key here is to NOT show them any of the pictures from the book, they should work to listen very carefully in order to visualize. Have them record their learning on story map as they listen to the story. Upon finishing have the kids write descriptive paragraphs to describe their visualization of main character (Icabod) or the setting (Sleepy Hallow). The students create an art piece to depict their visualizations and then tie it all together with a multimedia production. My students love watching the animated version of ‘Sleepy Hallow’ on Halloween Day. Download the PDF of the lesson with all resources, exemplars and instructions.

Another way to do the lesson is to have your students listen to the Disney movie version (it’s a CLASSIC!), play only the sound and record visualizations of main character (Icabod Crane) and setting (Sleepy Hallow). Kids sketch their visualizations and compare and contrast with each other. On Halloween, play the video (picture included) and have students compare their visualizations with the film producers as well as the illustrator of the book.

Through the Eyes of Jack-o-Lanterns For art, students create a Halloween scene using a variety of mediums. At least two Jack-o-lanterns must be included in the scene. Students work in groups to write descriptive paragraphs taken from the perspective of the jack-o-lanterns. To insure students write descriptively, I have them use their five senses when writing. The kids tie it all together with an iMovie, working to read with appropriate voice and expression. Download the PDF of the lesson with all resources, exemplars and instructions.

Thriller We have a school Halloween parade each year. Last year, my students learned the dance routine for Thriller and we performed our dance for the classes as they came through our room. We used Just Dance to help us choreograph

We also worked on some ratio, fraction, decimal, percent and patterning math to help for our performance. Download the PDF lesson.


Pumpkin Math


There’s so much math you can do with pumpkins! Our school has a tradition of carving jack-o-lanterns on Halloween. We get all our junior classes together in the gym on Halloween to carve. Before the big day, we have the students work on estimating and calculating the total number of pumpkins required, the number each teacher will need to purchase, the total cost of all the pumpkins and how many seeds each pumpkin will contain. Download the PDF lesson.

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