GLOBAL Feedback


Screen Shot 2015-02-03 at 6.49.57 PMThank you for providing feedback on our recently created class video that captures the spirit and essence of our “One Word” project!  Please take a few minutes to view our class video, ONE WORD  and leave descriptive feedback in the REPLY box below. Include your city and country! Please forward this to anyone you may think would enjoy our video!

Thank you!

Mr. C’s Gritty Gators!

Some prompts that you may find helpful:

– What did you learn from this video?

– What part of the video did you like the best? Why?

– Do you like the use of the graphics/music/transitions/effects? Why/Why not?

– How will you use this in your life?

-Would you change anything about the video? Why?

-What suggestions would you make for when we create our next video?

Click on: “One Word Project” for resources to get you started on your own project!

6 Responses to GLOBAL Feedback

  1. Dunwoody, GA USA
    Yes…we make choices every day. Thanks for choosing to share your excellent video with the world.


  2. danawattsblog says:

    So inspiring and a great reminder of what is really important. My word is persistence! Keep moving forward and grow from your challenges, don’t let them beat you down! Great job!


  3. 8EMFB says:

    Ottawa, Canada
    Here is some feedback direct from grade 8 Students to grade 6 Students:
    * the use of one word can change one’s perspective and in turn, the world.
    * creativity comes from simplicity
    * awesome to see grade 6s using technology in this fashion

    Next steps
    * the use of the world in the centre of the video sometimes was a distraction that did not clearly allow for the viewing of the words
    * different song use that is perhaps more universal to all?


  4. Northern Bavaria
    Congrats, great video!
    What I liked best:
    a) the pictures of the artwork (illustrated “one-words”),
    b) how you used the music (and your choice of music!), plus the fact that you got in touch with the artist and got his permission to use the song


  5. sagalloway says:

    Victoria, Canada
    Very well done. The song was very catchy and inspiring and worked beautifully with your simple yet powerful words. I learned that distilling an idea down to a single word can be very effective. I also really enjoyed the obvious time and effort you had put into decorating your words in so many different ways.


  6. cheffernan75 says:

    Plainfield, IL
    Us. Now. Those two words answer the easy questions. The words you came up with answer the harder ones – How? Well done!


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