I have been working to create some fun and engaging learning opportunities for my students while they are not in class. I want them to feel that they have ownership over their learning while providing choice and flexibility. As well, I don’t want them (or their parents) to feel overburdened during this extraordinary time. I’m hoping the kids will feel like the activities that I’ve created for them are kind of like a “choose your own (learning) adventure”. I don’t want them to do the learning because they have to but because they want to.

Teachers, as we all know, are adapting to these extraordinary circumstances and working around the clock to develop and deliver learning materials that are meaningful and rich. I am humbled and inspired to see so educators coming together to assist one another. As I’ve said many times before; we can’t do it alone, but together we CAN.


As promised, I’m happy to do my small part by sharing my Emergency Distance Learning resources. Click on the links below, make a copy, edit, adapt and add as you see fit and then reshare! I’ll continue to add each week! Thanks to everyone for all that you are doing during these difficult times. Take care and stay safe.  Pete

Language Resources

 “Stay At Home” WRITING Journal Over a dozen journal prompts for students to dig into during their “Stay at Home Time”. My students gave this activity very positive reviews. Covers multiple writing expectations across all grade levels. Adaptable for any grade level.

“Stay at Home” Book Report template. This resource encourages kids to find adventure in a good book and then share their adventures via a book report adapted with a “Stay at Home” theme. Many reading expectations are covered. Adaptable for any grade level.

“Go Explore!”– Adaptable to all grade levels. Includes Social Studies, Science, Language and Technology. Students are encouraged to find their “Inner Explorer” and travel, virtually to explore the natural places in and around their own city. There’s a “call to action”, encouraging kids to becomeJunior Water Walkers. Kids build a Google Earth story of a virtual water walk they would like to do and eventually get outside and walk with their family.

Math Resources

“Stay at Home” MATH A two week math exploration covering all Ontario math strands across multiple grade levels. Provides freedom of choice and strategies.

Explore Place Value”  Grade 5 and 6 Ontario math expectations. Daily videos, “Work Boxes” to document learning  and  “I Know it Math” Tasks to demonstrate understanding. Note: “I Know It Math” is currently free for educators!

“Explore Basic Algebra” Grade 5 and 6 Ontario math expectations. Same as above.

Explore Time and Money”– Grade 3 Ontario math curriculum expectations. Same as above.

“Explore Math”– Grade 5 and 6 Ontario Math Curriculum expectations. Probability, 24 Hour Clock and Transformational Geometry. Kids use the interactive site “Math Live”, do some math challenges and play a game of Kahoot to reinforce learning.

“Explore Fractions”– Grade 3 Ontario Math Curriculum expectations. Introduction tto fractions. Kids use videos, take notes and show learning in a “Work Box” and play a game of Kahoot to reinforce learning.

Other-Cross Curricular

EYE SPY– This activity invites students to use their observation skills and share their findings with their classmates in a class photo album.