Creating Video

IMG_9845The ability to create video in the classroom is incredibly powerful! I have students take their writing to the next level by turning it into video! When students know that their writing will be “produced”, they become more
conscientious, engaged and purposeful writers.

The key to using video in your classroom is to start small, scaffold and insure students know what they need to do to be successful. I use this success criteria to guide students when producing video.

Scaffolded Steps to Creating Video in your Classroom

1. Students must first successfully write (script), read and record their voice as  simple voice recordings (see Why Podcast?).

2. Students create simple videos based on a few sentences or paragraphs, with only one visual.  This student’s video, ‘The Darkness of Midnight’ was based on a descriptive paragraph she wrote. The visual she used was her own artwork.

3. Students create more complex videos, with more visuals and possible other effects.  This student’s video was based on a visualization of Sleepy Hallow while reading.  All artwork is his own.

4. Students create advanced videos that are based on lengthier pieces of writing such as research projects, narrative stories and procedural writing. There are many visuals, (possibly with other video clips included) transitions, jingles and effects. This student’s video, ‘Dairy Framing Today’ is based on her Genius Hour project in which all images were taken on her camera.  Students also turn their narrative stories into movies in my classroom.  ‘Adventures of Loranda and Fuzz Bucket’ is an  example of a narrative story turned in a movie! Students created iMovies for their moms on Mother’s Day.

*** I always like to model the making of videos in my classroom.  ‘How to Make the Perfect Latte’ is a video  I produced to model the making of a procedural video.  I capture class field trips and projects on my camera and create videos to share our experience/initiatives; ‘What If..’ is one example.  The ‘The Way of the Cross’ demonstrates how  two “outside of the box” thinking teachers incorporated all 52 of their students, their  voices, artwork, drama and photography to tell an incredibly powerful story.

3 Responses to Creating Video

  1. Pat Skitch says:

    Glad I came across your site tonight – very informative and useful. I too see the value of students podcasting and creating video. The IOS app Adobe Voice is worth checking out if you don’t already know about it – quick way for students to make simple videos.


  2. Siero Fredrick Godfrey says:

    A learning forum


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