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 I am excited to revisit the “ConnectED” mentorship idea with a narrowed focus of simply connecting preservice teachers with experienced teachers via Twitter. I am excited to join forces with Chris Cuff and Derek Rhodenizer. Together our mission is to get educators “ConnectED”!

 If you are a preservice teacher interested in growing your PLN and connecting with experienced educators, fill in the following ConnectED form and let us help you get ConnectED! If you are an experienced teacher interested in digital mentorship and PLN support visit #ONedmentors.

Perhaps, in the future, we’ll revisit the plan below. Feel free to contact me if you have ideas to help move forward!

September 2015

In the first two months of the project, a team of seven very innovative and connected Ontario classroom teachers (Brian AspinallLaurie AzziPeter CameronAviva DunsigerAllison FuiszSharon Moskovitz and Jonathan So), one pioneering Faculty of Education prof  (Barb Van Hatten) and her lucky students have laid the foundations for  ConnectED, an attempt to more efficiently and effectively connect Faculties of Educations, teacher candidates, classroom teachers ad their students.


Our pilot project, which effectively connected the above team has seen tremendous success. I personally visited a Faculty of Education class to share how I leverage technology in the classroom to give my students a global voice. Our future teachers (Barb’s class and herself) gained a direct window into each of the teachers’ classrooms involved in the project.  Barb’s students have given my students feedback on our work, participated with us in Twitter chats, asked other members of the team questions,  gave Jonathan So’ s class feedback on their authentic classroom writing assignment AND Jonathan provided feedback to the teacher candidates on their feedback! Talk about an incredible cycle of learning and a win/win opportunity for all!  Below are some take aways from Barb’s class in regards to the ConnectED project:

Screen Shot 2015-11-07 at 12.19.32 PM

The teacher candidates who were part of the ConnectED pilot project now have a wealth of knowledge, connections, ideas and inspiration to leverage technology in their classrooms during their student teaching placements and in the future! Read Samuel Carrothers testimonial!

The other six members of our team have now started connecting with other Faculty of Education profs and their students and we are now reaching out to YOU, the greater education community to invite you to get ConnectED!


The next phase of our project aims to connect 100 more Faculty of Education profs and their students with 100 different classroom teachers. Helen DeWaard from Orillia (Lakehead University campus) has jumped on board and is doing some incredible things with her Faculty of Education students. I was pleased to join her class for a Google Hangout on Digital Story Telling in the classroom: 

Helen also arranged an incredible Google Hangout with a number of educators from across Ontario to speak with her students about “Professional Digital Identity”:

It is hoped that this webpage will become somewhat of a “match making” space to connect educators in the same way our original team has.

Where to start?

If you are a classroom teacher who would like to connect with a Faculty of Education class, please fill out this form. Your information with autofill to this spreadsheet.

If you are a Faculty of Education prof who would like to connect yourself and your teacher candidates with a classroom teacher and his/her class, please fill in this form. Your information with autofill to this spreadsheet.

Visit the spreadsheets above, reach out to an educator who you think would be a good match and start connecting your classes!

Also, follow the hashtag #ConnectEDt  let us know the connections you have established and keep us informed about the great things your ConnectED team is doing! Also, add your Twitter handle to the ConnectED list.

Let the” Educonnecting” begin!

Feel free to leave any comments, feedback or suggestions or contact me via email:

Phase 3

If you are an educator who wishes to become more ConnectED, feel free to add your information to the appropriate docs below, share and encourage others to do the same. In the future we intend to create a more formal ConnectED directory!

Classroom Teachers/Resource Teachers Connected on Twitter

Classroom Teachers/Resource Teachers Wishing to Become (more) Connected on Twitter

Faculty of Education Profs/ AQ Instructors/Administration Connected on Twitter

Faculty of Education Profs /AQ Instructors/Administration Wishing to Become (more) Connected on Twitter

Teacher Candidates Wishing to Become (more) Connected on Twitter

School/Board Administrators Connected on Twitter

School/Board Administrators Wishing to Become (more) Connected on Twitter

Let the” Educonnecting” begin!

Feel free to leave any comments, feedback or suggestions!

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