Character Education Videos

As part of our M.A.D project my students made character education videos, following our M.A.D Innovation model. The question was: How could we teach ourselves and one another to become even better people? We researched and discussed different ways to answer of question. Together we came up with the idea to produce videos to help ourselves and others. A plan was developed; students would work in groups of two to become “experts” on a given topic. They would put their plan into action and produce a video with their own hand drawn images and then share with their classmates and the world! Once my students put their innovative ideas into action they made a difference for themselves and by sharing they made a difference for others!

Since this was a cross curricular unit in Language, Health and The Arts, a minimum of fourteen overall expectations were covered. My students used a variety of success criteria for writing, reading and creating their visuals, but this one helped drive the final product. It is very important to note that the feedback cycle was crucial during all stages of the building of the videos. Timely peer and teacher feedback is the key to success. Below is a the link to a Google Hangout that I did with a Faculty of Education Class about digital story telling in the classroom.

Below are the character education videos.  Please enjoy and share with others. We’d love to hear your feedback!