Welcome an Administrator!

I have an open door policy in my classroom and my students love visitors. They enjoy when our principal pops by for a visit and joins us in our learning. It’s a win/win for all! Recently our principal made a cameo appearance in a video my students made. Can you find him?

This inspired a challenge that I tweeted to #satchat on March 7, 2015! I was encouraged to see it retweeted a number of times.  If you are an administrator, and would like to take up the challenge to offer to visit a classroom to teach a lesson (or read a book), RETWEET my tweet below and then arrange your visit! I’m sure you’ll have many willing teachers (and students)! Feel free to leave a comment in the “Reply” section below, letting us know how your visit went!

Here is a blog from @BethHouf  http://principalhouf.blogspot.ca/2014/11/the-best-day-ever-why-every-principal.html who took the idea a step further! Instead of calling in a supply teacher for a teacher, she “took over” the class herself!



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